Thelijjawila royal college

Rajakeeya vidyalaya was founded in 1910,with total number of 5 students and 2 teachers. In 1927, this school was transformed in to a girls’ college, and the boys, college was started in the junction of Telijjawila. The Principal of the girls’ college was Mrs.Lilie Samawathie Abeysekara. While the boys’ college principal was Mr.Don Robert Dharmawardana. With opening of Telijjawila Central College in 1946, this school became a mixed school. With utmost care and the tremendous labour of the then principal Mr.P.B.Jinadasa,this school gained its Royal status. At the present, the school stands with all its majesty, with many facilities among them ,there is a well equipped library ,a modern computer lab ,an audio & video unit and commerce and arts sections for G.C.E (A/L) . The students population is about 2500 and the college stands in all its grandeur, winning the title of having the largest number of student population in the Akuressa educational zone.